The Faith Healing Institute exists to equip every follower of Jesus Christ with a functional operation and understanding of the Christian’s authority over sickness. 

The Institute exists to train how to minister faith based healing to those who have healing needs. We believe this is vital to the mission of the Gospel. We cannot finish the mission of preaching the Gospel to the entire world until we are all equipped to heal the sick.

The institute exists to establish groups worldwide that will bring this message of the Gospel with healing power to the community around them.

Please read through our values, and beliefs and then consider supporting or joining the mission in a variety of ways.


The Faith Healing Institute was established to help pursue a greater understanding of the Christian faith as applied to healing for the human body. Jesus Christ only ever commissioned one class of people to minister healing to a sick and dying world. This class of people that Jesus Christ commissioned were originally called Disciples, and then later called Apostles. Jesus equipped 12, and then 72 more to heal the sick. That was at least 85 people performing healing through the authority of Christ. Followers of Christ were (and still are) equipped with the authority of Christ over sickness and the power of The Holy Spirit to minister healing. Come learn about this authority you have over sickness and disease.

This ministry is built upon and around Jesus Christ so that even when the leaders of the Institute pass on from this life, the ministry may remain as long as it is necessary (until all are healed).


The Faith Healing Institute has a vision to eradicate sickness and disease from the physical world by going directly after the spiritual thing that allowed sickness to enter into the physical world. It is possible for everyone in the entire world, through personal faith in Christ, to no longer be subject to sickness or disease. The belief system that allows for seemingly miraculous resistance to sickness and disease can be taught to the next generation so they don’t suffer from sickness, as many in our generation suffered from.

The vision is to reform the way that healing works so that all of mankind can eventually genuinely receive the healing they need, freely, instantly or within a very short time, and directly from Christ.