Eric J. Hulin

Founder and Overseer of the Faith Healing Institute

Eric Hulin’s background includes service in the United States Marine Corps, two tours in the Iraq war. After serving in the Marine Corps, Eric obtained a BBA from Concordia University, graduating with honors. Eric then attended the police academy where he found a passion and calling to a greater understanding of the law. This passion and calling took Eric to Baylor Law School. Eric is a licensed attorney (not currently practicing) in Texas.

In 2020, God called Eric to lay it all down and follow Him. A unique Calling as a Reformer (see below) came upon Eric’s life to bring a Reformation to the world. Thus, the Faith Healing Institute was born out of a response to this Call. This Institute is only the first step in a very large vision of Reformation.



On the night of April 16, 2020, the Lord showed me a vision that I knew was the beginning of a Reformation. This vision was to get everyone equipped with healing the sick, and with the gift of prophecy/ability to hear God.

On April 17, 2020, I awoke to hear an audible voice echoing from the depths of me. This voice repeatedly echoed one name, all day long. The voiced echoed “Martin Luther.” I knew this was God, else there would be a mental institution in my future! I told no-one about this voice. The night of April 17, 2020, I received prophetic ministry from a prophet who gave me an 8 minute word. 2.5 minutes into the word she looks at me and says “You are a Martin Luther.” Something was birthed in me, and the Lord spent nearly the next 2 years turning me into a blueprint for a Reformation.


In response to the part of the Reformation involving equipping everyone to heal the sick, I have established the Faith Healing Institute. The call of this institute is to have a place where those who function in healing can come together and team up to thoroughly equip all believers in this God given calling. There is a harvest upon us that necessitates a movement of healing throughout all of God’s people.

Many of us have individual healing ministries. The Institute exists that we may collaborate together under one roof and give the people a one-stop shop for becoming completely equipped to heal the sick. We will combine and expand our revelation of Christ.


Eric and Lisa were married in 2011. They have two adorable kids, Oliver and Ella. The family enjoys traveling, family activities, and small gatherings of friends.

Eric enjoys golfing and studying things of the faith. Lisa enjoys knitting and vacationing.

Oliver enjoys golfing and at three years old he already has an incredible golf swing! Oliver is already praying for the sick and seeing some results.

Ella is adorable and wants to heal people when she grows up.

Eric currently hosts a small group that meets weekly at his house in Round Rock, Texas, to study healing ministry.

Ministry Involvement

In 2009, Eric joined All Nations Ministries with Dr. Roger Sapp. All Nations Ministries is a healing ministry that traveled the world and ministered healing to about 35,000 people.

Eric hosts prophetic ministry online on Zoom through a ministry called Look Again and See. Here, Eric is teamed up with Mary Crews, who is a very gifted prophet. Eric also teaches and activates people in the prophetic in this ministry.

Eric has a podcast called “Journey Into Healing” which is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Anchor FM.

From Eric to You

A Beacon of Hope

Every single believer in Christ has the ability to heal the sick. Many lack the know-how. Many have had negative experiences that have caused them to give up Hope in healing. Let us restore their Hope in Christ as their Healer.

I implore you to prayerfully consider this calling to unity that many of us have been feeling in the Spirit. We can team up and successfully reform the way that healing works to bring Christ the complete Savior to the entire world. The world is waiting on the sons of God to be revealed. You are these sons and this is the time.

If you are willing to come together and collaborate, please contact me. (817) 514-0653 is my cell. Text or call.

Before calling, please note this is not a prayer hotline phone number.