Christ is the image of the invisible God. He lives in us!

core values

The Wineskin.

We believe that all believers (in Christ) can heal the sick once they are properly equipped.
Value: Everyone can heal the sick
We operate from Love, Compassion, and Hope to the people we minister to, and those we minister with.
We work together to advance our success in healing the sick.
Value: Don’t Hate; Collaborate!
We believe that Jesus Christ reveals God the Father perfectly to mankind.
We believe that Jesus Christ is our primary example, for He is the One that lives through us.
We believe that Jesus Christ is the only name under heaven by which men must be saved - whether spirit, soul, or body.
Value: Christ-Centered


The purpose of the Leadership Team is to unite a common vision to equip our followers with the ability to heal the sick, and to start sending them out to heal in their communities. The Team will actively focus on practical ways to stir up communities around the world to become equipped with healing.


The Leadership Team will meet regularly either in person, online by Zoom, or both, while further developing strategies for bringing Christ the Healer to the entire world.


After collaborating and developing strategies, the Team will implement these strategies to successfully bring healing to the sick and eradicate sickness and disease throughout entire communities.

Another mission of the Team is to create consolidated teachings for the Institute which are designed to bring Reformation to our society’s understanding of healing.

benefits OF THE TEAM​

Collaborative meetings designed to come up with practical strategies for taking the world for Christ, and ways to help fulfill this part of each other’s visions.

Opportunities to Preach Christ the Healer in ways that effectively equip people, change the world, and reach the communities.

Helping bring a huge Reformation to the world.


The ideal member of the Leadership Team is a fivefold minister who gets along well with other ministers, even if you do not agree completely with their teachings. Someone who is not afraid to get down and mingle and interact and train everyday people. Someone who agrees with and abides by the Institute’s values.

Joining the Leadership Team is currently primarily by invitation only, and space is limited. Nevertheless, if you feel called to this Leadership Team, contact us.