For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor 5:7

Faith Healing Institute

For the research, advancement, and practical application of divine healing.

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A Light in the Darkness

The World Needs Us Now

The Faith Healing Institute was established for the purpose of researching, advancing, and practically applying healing through faith in Jesus Christ. 

The world is willing to spend billions of dollars and countless hours with hundreds of thousands of people researching godless worldly solutions to sickness and disease. It is time we pursue Christ our Healer with a level of commitment greater than the world. We are not waiting on the world to solve the problem of sickness; Christ has already solved it. The world is waiting to discover this truth. Let us bring forth a healing revival and then reform the way the world pursues healing. Let us equip the world to pursue Christ and successfully find their healing. If you yourself are in need of healing, I pray you will find access to your healing in Christ through this ministry. If you are here because you are ready to get equipped to bring healing to others, I pray you will become equipped. Whatever the reason you are here, the Faith Healing Institute welcomes you!

Prayerfully read through the mission. Consider getting involved. We need support for this mission in a variety of ways.